Friday, July 25, 2014


Mrs. Seven: "I also take Spazon-XR."

Dr. Grumpy (looking at her list): "You take that just once a week?"

Mrs. Seven: "No, it's every Saturday."


skidmark said...

Do not facepalm over Mrs. Seven. She is trying to be the most meds-complint patient she can be. "Once a week" means any time between Sunday and Saturday. "Every Saturday" shows she understands that Spazon-XR could be detrimental if she took two doses too close together and then two does too far apart.

My Doc got on my case after learning that "bedtime" was a moveable event by as much as 6 hours. Same with "take with meals" which often vary by almost as large an amount of time. Now he writes scrips to be taken at specific times. Might seem like micromanaging to some but it is the only schedule this squirrel keeps. Plus I'm doing better now that my meds levels are more stable.

stay safe.

Packer said...

On Bath Night

Jillian said...

My response would have been the sound of crickets.

Moose said...

Silly people. Saturday is not during the week, it's the weekend. She's taking it once a weekend!

cliffintokyo said...

She must be an alien from a planet where the week is more than 7 days, which is pretty much why she is seeing the doc in the first place!

Anonymous said...

@ Moose: You stole my line!

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