Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My staff is awesome

Mary: "Dr. Grumpy's office, this is Mary."

Mrs. Memory: "Hi, I need to come back and see Dr. Grumpy."

Mary: "Um... Actually, you have an appointment today, at 1:45."

Mrs. Memory: "No I don't."

Mary: "You do, ma'am."

Mrs. Memory: "I most certainly do not. Otherwise I wouldn't be calling you. Now, as I was saying, I need to see Dr. Grumpy again."

Mary: "Okay, well, if you'd like to come in today we have an opening at 1:45?"

Mrs. Memory: "Oh, that works perfectly. I'll be there."

Mary: "Great! See you then."

Mrs. Memory: "Thank you for getting me in so quickly."


stacey said...

Those are not the droids you've been looking for....

Obviously Mary is also a Jedi knight.

Probably a Vulcan too for all we know which means you should pay her to administer the Vulcan neck pinch for psuedo siezures.

Marni said...

And Mary once again works her magic...

Whatever you pay her, it's not enough.

Jono said...

Well played, Mary!

Ronna said...

Way to Go, Mary!

But I'm curious to know if Mrs. Memory showed up for her 1:45 appointment today?

Morris said...

I see Mary has learned to go with the flow. :)

gloria p said...

I agree. Whatever you are paying her, Mary needs a raise.

Anonymous said...

Mary has mastered the art of letting the customer believe she is righr

Dr. K said...

That was awesome-
Mary- want to come train my staff?????

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if "Mary" & "Annie" know they're STARS on your BLOG and if so, do they read it?

cliffintokyo said...

Diagnosis: Patient suffering from advanced retro-control freak-itis dementia.
Treatment: Make an appointment via Mary once a week!
Might be good for the practice cash flow too!

Anonymous said...

Whatever you pay Mary, it isn't enough. I wish our front desk had those ninja skills.

Alleycat said...

Reminds me of this:

Bugs Bunny: "Duck Season"
Daffy Duck: "Rabbit Season"
BB:"Duck Season"
DD:"Rabbit Season"
BB:"Duck Season"
DD:"Rabbit Season"
BB:"Rabbit Season"
DD:"Duck Season"
BB:"Rabbit Season"
DD:"Duck Season"
BB:"Rabbit Season"
DD:"Duck Season"
BB: OK. Shoot him.
/Elmer Fudd shoots Daffy Duck.

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