Friday, October 4, 2013

Thursday afternoon

A touching mother-daughter moment in my office:

"Mom, when I get to heaven I'm going to kick Dad's ass for leaving me alone with you."


Kristin said...

Note to not have coffee in my mouth when reading Dr. Grumpy.

Anonymous said...

Why did Dad choose to die ? I think we are formulating a theory.

Anonymous said...

WAIT!! I have an unknown sister somewhere that ALSO has been "left" to deal with mom???

Anonymous said...

She won't be allowed into heaven with an attitude like that.

rapnzl rn said...

After spending all afternoon with MY mother in the transfusion room two weeks into chemo, I am considering perpetrating a mischief. Into the mouth of that "babe". With soap.

RehabRN said...


Guess Dad figured she needed her share of Hades now to repent.

Yes, very touching...if if would have gotten anymore touching, you'd have to call Senior Services.

I love dysfunctional families! They provide hours of analysis/entertainment for nurses.

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