Monday, October 28, 2013

Front counter

A lady comes in to the waiting room, sits down, and grabs a magazine. Other patients come and go, and after a few minutes Mary goes to the counter.

Mary: "Hi, ma'am. Are you here to see Dr. Grumpy or Dr. Pissy?"

Lady: "Neither."

Mary: "Oh, are you picking someone up?"

Lady: "No."

Mary: "Do you need to make an appointment?"

Lady: "No, thank you."

Mary: "Is there anything I can help you with?"

Lady: "No, I'm just reading the magazines. I didn't like the ones Dr. Lung has across the hall, and told them they could find me over here."


Loki said...

Is it a plus that she's not taking the magazines over to Dr Lung's office?

Anonymous said...

You must have the latest edition of LIFE, amiright?

If you do, I can see why she wants to read it. Gotta stay abreast of all the news on the Warren Commission and all.

Anonymous said...

I can almost understand this. I was once waiting for an appointment with a doctor for more than 2 hours (and I was seen for about 10 minutes, annoyed the crap out of me) and the only reading materials in the waiting room were bibles, Christian magazines and Popular Mechanics. This was before cell phones so I had nothing to amuse myself with since I hadn't thought to bring my own reading material.

Whelk Lad! said...

"The reason I have to see Dr. Lung in the first place is because of smoke inhalation from when Rachael Ray burned down my house."

Bobbi said...

Mary's patience is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Can we Puleeze give this woman credit for NOT ripping off the magazines and taking them across the hall and / or home with her.

Kudos on the good mags too Dr. G. Always a good time waiting for a doctor. I'm happy for her that she does NOT need to see a neuro which is never a good fate, never.

Pam said...

Wow! O.o

Roy said...

Around here, most of the reading material in the average doctors office is made up of flyers about the disease-of-the-month or some new wonder drug left by a pharma sales rep. About two thirds of the remainder are women's magazines - "People", "Good Housekeeping" etc. Usually the only men's fare is "Golf" or a two year old Time Magazine. (Boring!)

Anonymous said...

I agree with previous posters. Even though I never go anywhere without reading material, I look forward to MD and dentist appointments to catch up on my "trashy reading," which I would never actually buy for myself. I am sorely disappointed when I find only Highlights, Time, Popular Mechanics, and Golf magazines. TCG

Anonymous said...

I agree with previous posters.
Even though I go nowhere without a book or an electronic reader, I look forward to MD and dentist appts to catch up on my "trashy" reading. Imagine my disappointment when I find the only magazines are Highlights, Time, Popular Mechanics, and Golf. TCG

Anonymous said...

The flu season last spring was a real bear when the doctor's offices only offered 99% alcohol handwipe cleanser and NO reading matter at all. Just the one station on the TV. How many times can one person watch the ad to remind people to wash their hands at the doctor's office?

Marie said...

LOL... I work at a doctor's office and we've been complimented on our magazine selection (which is a mix for men, women, and, because there's a large proportion of people who mainly speak Spanish in our area, magazines in Spanish). We're in our own building, though, so can't really have the cross-office experience.

Recently had one patient come for her appointment, no problem, but then she didn't want to leave right away because she'd spotted some recipes in a magazine and wanted to read the whole article but we'd gotten in the exam room too quickly for her to finish it earlier.

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