Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Texting with Frank

Frank and I are usually texting back and forth in the afternoon, as I have to pick him up and take him to Kumon, or home, or heaven knows where.

Unfortunately, this isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. For example, here's one where I wanted to know if he was going to stay at a friend's house, or was ready for me to come get him.

Another issue is the somewhat unusual messages he sends:

 Or his attempts to get out of going to Kumon:

Or the ones that warn me there's a mess waiting at the house:

And yes, he did use the SodaStream CO2 cartridge. A brand-new, sealed, one, completely emptied in Frank's attempt to build an anti-zombie weapon. You have no idea of the looks you get at Target when trying to exchange an empty SodaStream cartridge that has "DESTROY ZOMBIES!" painted on the side.


Julie said...

There are times when I'm glad I have girls!

BioniKat said...

Your son is very creative. He will probably own his own business one day.

Heidi said...

HA HA HA - Frank's cool.

Amy said...

my husband is a systems engineer, and as such, he is always on the look out for time and/or money saving hacks, be it computer or life hacks. We have never exchanged or purchased a new SodaStream cartridge. He brings home dry ice and fills the same cartridge with that, which sublimates into CO2. Then we use the extra dry ice for science experiments with the kids. Cheaper and more fun!

bluetoothbuddha said...

At least he will be well equipped when the Kumon zombies realize that education poisoning is not working, and decide to attack.

All you naysayers can thank him then.

Anonymous said...

soda stream now has a dual purpose. You're getting your money's worth! Good work, Frank. I like where his head's at.

Moose said...

Shame on you, Dr G. You should be proud of your child, working on inventions to save the family in the event of a zombie apocalypse. When the zombies come you will be thankful for Frank!

Packer said...

I always wondered how it is that places like kumon, sylvan, Huntington learning centers can purportedly teach children, yet the schools can not.

We spent a large fortune on son in one of those places. Large fortune is defined as owning a 35 foot yacht or not owning one.

Jono said...

Not being from this planet I had to look up Kumon.

Anonymous said...

It's not a girl/boy thing, think it's an age thing! Had a very similar texting back and forth with my daughter yesterday...

Me: Eating in 10 minutes will you be home or are going to eat later?

Her: l
Her: l
Her: Ok

Me: ?

Her: I said ok

Me: Ok what?

Her: Text u when I'm coming

Good times and so helpful!

Amy said...

You are correct, I have no idea of the looks you get at Target when trying to exchange an empty SodaStream cartridge that has "DESTROY ZOMBIES!" painted on the side.

However, when this one is empty, I'm *definitely* going to find out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Frank will be a great neurologist when he grows up.

danielle said...

His writing is very good except for the to/too/two issue! and his creativity knows no bounds! These are the years that will drive you crazy - but also give you lots of pride!

Charles said...

Destroy Zombies - say, isn't that what you do all day doc?

It sounds like he just wants to follow in dad's footsteps, no?

Mama D said...

Looks like Frank needs a to/too refresher. Does Kumon do language arts too or just math? ;)

Anonymous said...

He should learn too spell.

Anonymous said...

I like that kid's style, two.

Anonymous said...

See, grownups just don't understand.

Anonymous said...

To everyone else who said it's an age thing...I don't think so. I get texts from a friend that's like this:

Me: Wot?
Friend: My lab mice all died D:

Me: Are you joining us or staying in today [for dinner]?
Friend: Yes
Me: Which one is it?
Friend: Dinner.
Friend: Where's there's food.
Me: Right, we'll pick you up at 6.
Friend: But I should stay in because I need to finish leftover chicken...
Me: Okay then we'll see you later
Friend: Okay see you at 6!

Friend: Should drugs with hormones that make men potentially grow breasts be worrying?
Me: Whaaaat? What are you doing?
Friend: I'm thinking about drugs.
Me: WOT?
Friend: Breasts shouldn't be too bad right?
Friend: It's for my research. We're seeing if people would view male breast growth as worse than [Insert Major Brain Disease Here] that the drug could potentially treat.

As you can probably guess, we're college and post-college age.

Anonymous said...

You need to learn that boy the difference between "to", "too", and "two".

Anonymous said...

Good Job Frank.Kumon is going to start education poisoning people.You should tell the world!

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