Thursday, August 18, 2011


"DUDE! Why drive to the bar, when you can drive the bar?"

Thank you, Carla!


Anonymous said...

After all my contacts with Australians, I didn't think they had a legal blood alcohol limit.

Shalom said...

This phenomenon apparently started in Germany, where people build motors into Bierkisten (beer crates, about the size of a 24-pack). Here is a classic example of one of these. It would seem that one of the requirements of the sport is that you gotta drink the beer that you took out to make room for the engine, before going out on the road.

(Looks like he's doing at least 40 on that thing, without PPE of any kind, or even a shirt...)

I'm also reminded of this guy...

Anonymous said...

I liked the typo in the article at the link. '...he was charged with drink driving...' Makes perfect sense since he was driving his drink around with him.

Loren Pechtel said...

Anonymous@11:20: It's not a typo. That's how they say it in British and most of the ex-British parts of the world.

Since that's where the offense happened it's the correct term to use even though it's in a US newspaper.

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