Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon

(Lady with bad hair comes in, stands at front counter)

Mary: "Can I help you?''

Mrs. Badhair: "What suite is this?"

Mary: "405."

Mrs. Badhair: "Where is 507?"

Mary: "Upstairs, on the 5th floor."

Mrs. Badhair: "Does this building have 9 floors?"

Mary: "Um, no. Just 6 floors."

Mrs. Badhair: "That's weird. Because the parking garage across the street only has 4 floors."

Mary: "Um... Yes it does. But this office building has 6 floors."

Mrs. Badhair: "There are cars in the parking garage, too."

Mary: "It's a parking garage."

Mrs. Badhair: "Well, yeah!"

And she walked out.


DreamingTree said...

She clearly needed an appointment.

The Observer said...


Bad hair=bad thinking? Maybe all the chemicals...

OMDG said...

You guys seem to have a confusing layout. A lot of your patients seem to have problems with the directions.

Or they could all be idiots.

Ellie said...


Grumpy, M.D. said...

OMDG- You pick.

For the record, Mrs. Badhair was not my patient. Yet.

She was looking for the lung doc upstairs.

Cthulhu Sashimi said...

But, if a parking garage with cars in it has x floors, doesn't the building across the street ALWAYS have ((x^0.5)+1)^2 floors? I'm pretty sure that was one of the first things I learned in my college physics class.

Kimbra Kasch said...

I hafta agree with Mrs. Badhair:

"That's weird."

Loki said...

You got a useful physics cirricula, then, CS. All I remember from mine is that the shape of a horse may be approximated as a sphere.

Carrie said...

I wonder what she was thinking...

Deb said...

completely logical thinking. If my appointment is on the 5th floor of a building, of course I'm supposed to park on the 5th floor of the parking garage! If there is no 5th floor to park on, then the office MUST be on the 4th floor. It all makes very logical sense.

Sigmoid Freud said...

I'm thinking I should set up shop in 507.

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