Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bank Of Idiots, Can I Help You?

Late this afternoon Annie came looking for me. She'd just gotten off the phone with our branch of BigBuck Bank. Britney, an account manager, had called and said she needed to talk to me about the Grumpy Neurology, Inc. account.

Since I'm not one to screw around with the financial health of my business, I called her back between patients.

Britney: "BigBuck Bank, this is Britney."

Dr. Grumpy: "Hi, this is Ibee Grumpy, returning your call."

Britney: "Oh! Thank you for calling me back so quickly. I was reviewing your account, and found you qualify for a BigBuck Bank corporate Visa card!"


Dr. Grumpy: "I already have a BigBuck Bank corporate Visa card."

(longer pause)

Britney: 'You're right! Thank you for calling me back, and have a nice day!"


Candice said...

Proof that morons exist in every line of work.

Anonymous said...

um, duh !!!


Dano said...

Does a rolled up newspaper work on people as well?

Heather said...

Oh my goodness! I hate those calls, so annoying!

Cable company..would you like to get cable for this price, but it is only for new customers.

I already have cable through your company.

Check your work before you call!!!

Tigerhawk said...

They don't even know you have a credit card with them (or are too stupid to check first)... and you trust them with your money. How DO you feel? :)

HeatherLynn said...

Probably not a career high point for ole Brit I'm thinking.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Yeah, I wonder if her boss told her to make some calls to look busy.

HeatherLynn said...

"looking busy"....some people make that task an actual art form!

Next time Brit calls....send her my way! ;)


Anonymous said...

IMI,Britneys don't tend to be very bright.

Anonymous said...

In defence of Britney, banks insist that their employees call customers and try to cross sell products.

They hand out lists of customers' names and phone numbers. While the employee can check to see what type of accounts the customer has, the credit card accounts are usually done by another bank such as MBNA or at least in another company owned by the same company the bank is owned by.

Bank employees hate making these calls almost as much as you hate receiving them. Their jobs are at stake if they don't do it.

Tea said...

OMG - That reminds me that lately my insurance company keeps calling me to get me to change my them!!!! I keep telling them...I'm already insured by your...RIGHT? The response I get is ...oh sorry. Thanks for being insured by XXX insurance company. What's the deal?

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