Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mary, I'm going to go work at Big Lots.

Dr. Grumpy: "Are you on any medications?"

Mr. Forget: "I take Norvasc, for my blood pressure."

Lady Forget: "No, you take Cartia. I take Norvasc."

Mr. Forget: "It says Norvasc right here, on my list."

Lady Forget: "That's my list."

Mr. Forget: "It doesn't have a name on it."

Lady Forget: "Hmmm. Maybe I do take Cartia."

Mr. Forget: "Doctor, I take one kind of blood pressure pill, and she takes another. Is that good enough?"


Anonymous said...

welcome to Big Lots, you can fill out the application here, don't forget to stop your diet coke a few days before the drug/alcohol test ;-)

Sandra said...

You don't want to do that, Dr. G. Those people shop at Big Lots, too. :-)

Kitty~Amber said...

"Oh sure, just so long as you don't take yours both out of the same bottle... wait, you do?" *facepalm*

kate said...

You totally don't want to go work at Big Lots...where do you think that these people go to shop?!

Packer said...

calcium channel blockers wipe out the entire brain, little known fact, but it is clear for all of Grumpy's patients take BP meds and they all wind up with no minds. I think the Medical Profession has some splainin to do. Hmmmmm. BP meds a vast conspiracy by Neurologist---film at 11

So Grumpy it appears your little win win for the MDs has been exposed. God I am starting to sound like one of his patients.

Polly said...

The sad truth is, since they can't remember who takes what, they probably both take a delightful mix of medications!

Not House said...

"We just mix them together, and grab whatever is at the top. Every day is a new adventure!"

Anonymous said...


Does it give you chills when patients say things like that, or are you beyond that now?

Li'l Azathoth said...

But which way will they raise the children?

Kat's Kats said...

Oooooooh. And people wonder why doctors ask them to actually bring their medication bottles to their visits. ::snicker::

Watercolor said...

I keep a list on my phone. I just hand the list over. I have the dosage and everything. Nurses and docs seem surprised and thrilled. Now I see why. haha.

The Evil Receptionist said...

"I need a refill on this." *hands over empty pill bottle with no label*

"Ma'am, what medication do you need a refill for?"

"I don't know the name, but it's the little blue one. Except the last time I took it to the pharmacy, they gave me pink ones instead, 'cause they were out of the blue ones."

"Which pharmacy do you use?"

"Well, sometimes it's the one on the corner, and other times I go to the one that's at the grocery store. Oh, and once I sent away for it in the mail"

"Ma'am, why do you take this medication?"

"'Cause the doc told me too! Don't you know anything!?!"


The Mother said...

When I was in med school, I totally didn't understand why the PDR wasted so much space with all those PICTURES!

Now that I'm in administration, I totally get it.

A is for.... said...

Completely sounds like something out of the pharmacy.

Patient: "I only need 3 out of the 4 meds I usually take this month."

Tech: "Which 3 do you want?"

Patient: "I don't want the one that comes in the blue pack."

Tech: "2 of your regular medications come packaged in a blue pack."

Patient: "Why can't you just figure it out?!?"

Debbie said...

Really, are fortunate. This little couple settled that rather quickly. Most little old couples I see would have argued for 20 minutes before reaching a similar conclusion!

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