Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stupid phone calls

Today is a holiday, so my office is closed.

In the last 2 hours my office line has gotten 7 (count 'em- 7!) calls, all from the same local phone number on the ID, which I recognize as being one of my patients.

In spite of this persistent calling they are not leaving a message, just hanging up on the "our office is closed, if you need the doctor on call" notice.

Oh! They just called again, while I'm typing! And hung up again! What the hell are these people thinking? That we are going to open on a holiday? That someone dropping in to check the fax machine will see the phone ringing and answer it? That we will forget it's a holiday and open the office?

And I just know, when we are open again, they likely won't call then.


Vivian said...

I've read on a more recent entry that your office doesn't have caller ID. Why did you decide to take it off/quit the service (sorry, don't know how it works in the US)?

Grumpy, M.D. said...

It does, and it doesn't Vivian.

Kind of confusing. Email me at the address on the right if you want details.

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