Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Girl scout cookies

Ok, this will be my last non-medical practice entry for a while, but I felt like chipping this in after last weekend's entry on the Boy Scouts.

This is Girl Scout Cookie sales time, which means it's pretty much open season on anyone approaching the entrance to any local grocery store. My daughter and her henchgirls may assault you to try and sell cookies. So now you've been warned.

Anyway, my nurse, Annie, chipped in this story about her own daughter (Evie) and something that happened years ago. Take it away, Annie:

"We were in front of a Wal-Mart with the girls selling cookies. Evie said she had to go to the bathroom. Tired of her complaints, and cranky myself, I said no, just hold it. You can't go until you sell 3 more boxes of these damn cookies.

"So she goes back out to greet the next customer, a big lumberjack of a guy, and sizes him up for her cookie speech, with just one thing on her mind.

"So instead of asking, 'would you like to buy some cookies?', she asks 'Sir, would you like to go to the bathroom?'

"We all laughed enough to pee our pants, Evie did some kind of squat on the ground at the feet of the very embarrassed customer, where she sat on her feet in hopes not to pee herself.

"I abandoned the table and pulled both girls into the restroom, and laughed for the next 15 minutes until I caught my breath. Evie refused to leave the bathroom stall for the next half hour. Mr. Lumberjack bought 3 boxes of cookies on his way out, still smiling.

"That was our last cookie sale. Evie quit Girl Scouts the next day."

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GPMommy said...

As the cookie mom for our troop I can relate!
This year I ended up in the hospital for two months over the cookie season. Thankfully I had completed our cookie order so DH just had to man the booths and collect money.

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