Saturday, January 3, 2009

Radio station errors

Had to go in to the hospital this morning. I was listening to a station, when suddenly there was a CLICK!, and the song switched to the middle of a completely different song, then stopped.

DJ comes on, says "Sorry, got a technical problem here, let me switch to an ad while we work on it"

So this resturant ad comes on, in which a man and woman are listing menu items, then it switches to the announcer who says

“So if you're getting hungry, then come on over to Dave’s Grill, where we have (CLICK!) many programs available for HIV positive adults.”

I think they should just stop broadcasting until they get this fixed.

1 comment:

Friends With Voltaire said...

Going through your awesome blog archives :) Gosh, that's pretty great lol
Kinda reminds me of the old weather channel errors...those were fun too

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