Monday, October 12, 2020


I recently didst endorse myself for an online continueth education lecture series, and amongst the linguistic choices there wast thine following:

Verily, I wouldst be most delighted to conduct such endeavor in the tongue of Geoffrey Chaucer, as I still have a copy of The Canterbury Tales from my salad days stored in the dusty lofts of my dwelling.
Though, if it would suit Ra and Anubis, I could also attempt to do it in Ancient Egyptian, provided I could find an appropriate app.



John Woolman said...

I wonder what Dysdiadochokinesis is in Middle English. Perhaps Piers Plowman had a word for it.

Alicia said...

I desire thee doth well in thy online education lectureth. In this timeth and 'era at which hour we might not but placate and prithee all individuals, tis sore to just giveth people one choice in what language those gents wouldst wisheth to taketh the class in. Most wondrous of luck!

G. Stockton Powell said...

I like the fact that you can choose language families- "I'll pick Dravidian Languages, and see if they give me Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, or Malayalam. I love surprises!"

Anonymous said...

No Elvish?

jono said...

I'll take Faroese for $600, Alex.

A. Marie said...

I couldn't scroll down on the screenshot to see whether Klingon was included--but if it is, I'd go that route. And may the Worf be with you.

Anonymous said...

If it's a survey about Multiple Sclerosis, do it in Faroese.

Packer said...

Oh geez speak English already

Ms. Donna said...

Packer, they are speaking English. Just not the Englihs you use everyday.

Now, I am sure Grumpy's Chaucerian lectures would be educational and entertaining. However, I urge avoidance of the word,"queynte" as it refers top what Grumpy has called the "wrong end" to his expertise.

A courtly salute to all.

Anonymous said...

Pray tell, art thou followinge "Chaucer doth tweet" (@LeVostreGC) on twitter?

Here is one of his latest tweets:

Nevir shal Ich give thee up
Nevir shal Ich lat thee doun
Nevir shal Ich runne arounde and desert thee
Nevir shal Ich make thee crye
Nevir shal Ich 'farewell' sigh
Never shal be fals yn a maner that doth cause thee sorrowe

And, verily, thou hastjust been Rick-rolled in Olde English!

(but seriously, follow this person on twitter because the tweets are hilarious)

Loren Pechtel said...

Isn't Ewe a baaaad language?

Anonymous said...

The cartouche is the tricky part.

Amy said...

You might enjoy Geoffrey Chaucer's blog post, Serpentes on a Shippe! (spoylerez)

Anonymous said...

I see Dogrib listed on there as a choice. Being a good Canadian, i knew that that is a small indigenous tribe in the Prairies. Looked it up, There are 1,795 members who can speak the language. I wonder how many of them are signed up.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of communication ... code, when I was a kid was Morse, for those of us whose parents in the military were ham radio operators, and encouraged their kids to learn it for Scout badges. Was useful in seventh grade science class when the teacher left for a smoke break and we were told to quietly read the next chapter. (As one whose feet never touched the floor it was quite a chore to try to read quietly at a desk during class ... by the way, who were those kids that could quietly read a textbook during class Quiet Time? In seventh grade?)

According to Wikipedia, the last time the USA used it for maritime distress was "July 12, 1999, signing off with Samuel Morse's original 1844 message, "What hath God wrought ... -.- "

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