Monday, June 1, 2020

Phone calls

I'm with a patient when Mary knocks on the door. My call partner, Dr. Nerve, is on the phone for me.

Dr. Grumpy: "This is Grumpy, what's up?"

Dr. Nerve: "Hi, do you know that new guy, the one who's doing locum tenens for Dr. Outforbacksurgery?"

Dr. Grumpy: "I've heard the name, but don't know much else. It's not like we've ever shared call with that practice."

Dr. Nerve: "Are we covering his hospital patients this weekend?"

Dr. Grumpy: "I'm pretty sure he doesn't even have hospital privileges, but let me check the system... no he doesn't have any privileges."

Dr. Nerve: "I know he doesn't have privileges. I'd already checked."

Dr. Grumpy: "Then there's no way he's going to have patients, either. So why are you asking me if we'd be covering for him?"

Dr. Nerve: "I'm trying to be thorough."


bobbie said...

Dr. Nerve has some nerve!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr Nerve is anxious - he knows something he's not telling you about the new doc .

BobF said...

Dr. Nerve's Intel is better than yours. Wait.

Ms. Donna said...

Something is wrong here. Tread carefully, Dr. G.

Anonymous said...

Trying. Let's just stop there for now.

Packer said...

Thorough equals anal in every state of the Union

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