Thursday, May 28, 2020


To try and stay afloat busy during the pandemic, I've been doing more market research surveys. As usual, these have some interesting questions.

This example is from the "I failed geography" department:

Next up is this one, apparently hoping that I'm a good guesser:

This one, I can only assume, was written by a person practicing the Jedi mind-trick:

The next question apparently wanted to see how much I could nitpick, or be indecisive, or have a fetish for capitalization:

And last was this, from the "so what happens if I do?" department:

For the record, nothing happened. It was actually kind of disappointing.


Officer Cynical said...

Not a single "All Of The Above". What's wrong with people nowadays?

Anonymous said...

I took a survey once that asked "how many fatal hearts have you had?" Guess if you answered "yes" you were terminated from the survey.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a survey, it was a test. Survey, test, questionnaire, coin toss, whatever, you were getting good money for your input and you didn't even have to leave the safety of your living room, and that's all that matters.

I used to get a lot of surveys, too. They announced themselves as 'free chance to enter your name in a free drawing for completion of the survey', then they started the questions, and I was always disqualified after about three questions since I am not a prescriber.

What? I answered three questions. Don't I get some sort of chance to enter my name in a free drawing for free trial offer of ... ? At least a good quality candy bar. C'mon.

Loren Pechtel said...

If they are "No Response" you may have attempted to treat them but obviously you didn't actually do so!

G. Stockton Powell said...

I'm surprised that "NO, FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!!!!" isn't an option.

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