Monday, October 30, 2017

Out sick

Fighting off some crud my kids brought home.  Back soon.


Anonymous said...

That sucks doc. Hope you got your flu shot already.

Packer said...

Amazing how that works School starts and 4 weeks later the entire nation is as sig as a dog.
CDC should have ebola suits handed out at labor day.

brent said...

this fellow comes into the clinic, looks terrible, moving slow, looks like he was run over by a truck.

"what happened?" asked the clinician.

"I was home relaxing, when the door bell rang. I answered the door, and there was a 6 foot insect at the door. It was wearing a cut off tee shirt, had a beer in one appendage and a 2x4 in another. it was also covered in tattoos and it like like it rode up on a Harley. It proceeded to beat the stuffing out of me. so here I am."

"Yup" replied the clinician. " That's the 4th time I've heard that story this week. There's a bad bug going around town."

Hope you feel better soon.

Mage said...

So sorry...but love the joke.

Flo said...

And another reason not to have children (I have 3). And how is Craig's hair? Haven't heard much about it lately.

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