Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Attention span

I do online marketing surveys for $ here and there. Most docs do.

These people obviously want to make sure you're paying attention, so have stealth questions in there to trip-up someone who's randomly clicking boxes or typing numbers. Here are some samples you guys have sent in:

Sometimes it's just a simple command:

Math questions are popular, I assume because you have to think a bit:

Another technique is what I call "left turn." They set the premise you're going to work on, then take a sudden left turn off subject to see if you're following them:

But THIS one is my favorite. A seeming innocuous question about drugs used for Parkinson's Disease:

For those of you who didn't follow the sci-fi show Firefly, Byphodine was a fictional drug that reduced metabolic function to fake death.


Crazy RxMan said...

I had a patient ask me how much a 30 day supply of Provasic would be on his insurance.

As a fan of The Fugitive myself, I thought he was just playing with me.

No. He was serious.

Anonymous said...

Points for knowing Firefly trivia.

Anonymous said...

That third question is surprisingly tricky.

Anonymous said...

So time-traveling house-call-making doctors treating adults with partial-onset seizure disorders in the 1530's get discriminated against online, too?

Life is just not fair.

Anonymous said...

What, no metazine?

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