Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The buzz

Mary: "Hi, this is Mary, from Dr. Grumpy's office. I'm calling to remind you about your 2:45 appointment tomorrow."

Mr. Apoidea: "I'm not sure I'll be able to make it. I'm being stalked by bees."

Mary: "Excuse me?"

Mr. Apoidea: "There are bees following me, whenever I leave my house. I've been stung a few times this week. You'd think I'd bathed in honey or something."

Mary: "Okay, so would..."

Mr. Apoidea: "I'm hiding in my basement now, and they haven't found me yet. I'm going to stay here for a few days to see if they leave, and will call you when I'm ready to come in."



Ivan Ilyich said...

Maybe he has hives.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ivan, thank you. A morning belly laugh is always good, said the former beekeeper.

But I am curious - those of you in the medical profession. How do you handle this? Is this person yanking your chain? Or is this person in need of intervention? Do you feel an obligation to touch base with the patient's contact people?

Packer said...

Honey the entire town is buzzing about this situation.

I used to take my son to cut his grandmother's lawn and every week he would get stung because he would forget the underground next , I would laugh my ass off at the 14 year old searing his ass off. He got wise , did not cut the section. Grandma noticed, so I went and cut it, I got stung about 6 times, Grandma and kid laughed their asses off, me not even a little. They were stalking me--not the bees.

bobbie said...

Sounds like a severe case of melissophobia... TURF to Psych!

Moose said...



a.generic doc said...

Years ago, when you took shelter in your basement it was for protection from A Bombs.
Guess Mr. Apoidea has given new meaning to the B Shelter.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh......i'm covered in bees! (eddie izzard)

evodevo said...

The ground-nesters were probably yellow jackets - NOT to be fooled with, let me tell you. Venom is MUCH stronger than bees, and they will swarm any intruder. Nest is VERY hard to get rid of, requires digging up or pumping insecticide down the entrance hole - good luck locating that. They remain in the nest year round and the nest can last for several years.

that said, maybe Mr.A was wearing some substance that smelled good to bees and they think he's a flower or something ....

Anonymous said...

Needs a psychiatrist, not a neurologist.

Anonymous said...

I just heard something interesting on NPR yesterday, that ant faces could be uniquely different among themselves. Maybe this man encountered a particularly aggressive ringleader that seemed insulted when he was called out for an obvious tufted hairpiece.

C said...

there was an article in the news about a bee attack recently.... it does not take much to freak people out....

About 395,000 results (0.39 seconds)
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azcentral.com-Mar 6, 2016
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85000 bees attack Phoenix-area woman, cats, kill dogs
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