Monday, March 28, 2016

March 17, 2016

Dr. Grumpy: "Come on, kids. We need to leave for school."

Frank: "Anyone seen my backpack?"

Craig: "Let me get a granola bar for breakfast."

Marie: "Can you get me one, too?"

Craig: "Okay."

Frank: "Oh, I left it in the car last night. Never mind."

Marie: "Craig, you can't wear that today."

Craig: (throwing granola wrapper in trash, shoving bar in his mouth) "Why not?"

Marie: "It's St. Patrick's Day. You're supposed to wear green."

Craig: "My green shirt is in the closet. This one was closer."

Marie: "You need to go change."

Craig: "I'm not going to change shirts. We have to leave."

Marie: "But you need to put green on!"

Craig: (reaches into trash can, grabs something) "Fine. Happy now?"


Moose said...

Irish Valley Granola Bars: The secret ingredient is LEPRECHAUN.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, leprechauns and all.

bobbie said...

Welcome home!!

Clever Craig ~

Gracie's Mom said...

Problem Solved! That boy thinks on his feet.

Mage said...

Greenly smiling.

srmd86 said...

Your son is awesome! :)

Mary Hood said...

My 14 year old was totally clueless as to the day. When DH picked him up from a friend's house, son asked what was for dinner. DH responded, "corned beef". Son said, "Wow, really? So are Connor and Devin!"

Charles said...

What would have done if it was an orange-colored wrapper?

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