Friday, February 12, 2016

Advanced calculus

Mrs. Math: "How many kids do you have?"

Dr. Grumpy: "Three."

Mrs. Math: "Oh... I mean, that's more than two."

Dr. Grumpy: "Yeah."


Anonymous said...

Shame on you and Mrs. Grumpy for having children.
Don't you know that there carbon emissions will ruin the planet?


Anonymous said...

I was nervous to be pregnant past 2 in Seattle. So many one have one or two, as a conscious choice to save world resources. Zero population and all. My husbands works for a worldwide software company, and is surrounded by other hard working nerds. When I was pregnant with #4, my husband's boss said, "I am so glad that smart parents like you are having more children. There are enough people having children they can't support, that are a drain on taxpayers and communities. We need more families easing educated, wise and law abiding people to keep the country running. Its such a waste when educated people only have one or two, when they are ones who have the resources to to raise people who can make a change for good"

Thank you for having more children, teenager drains will pass and they will be good kids.

Packer said...

Hey I jus figured it out, that's less than four.

You sure your name isn't Duggar ?

We always wanted three, after 10 years of TX and procedures and A FEW miscarriages we called it a day being blessed with two. I was 41 when our last was born . I AM SURE YOU feel blessed with yours also.

Anonymous said...

Another former Seattleite, former employee of a worldwide software company, and father of 5 here. As the Dad, I mostly got "Wow, that's... a lot of kids", "Have you figured out what causes that?", and "Are you Catholic?"

My wife, on the other hand, got a lot more dirty looks, and sometimes outright hostility from the Bellevue moms, when their precious little Dylan or Parsnip suddenly got overwhelmed by our team showing up at the park.

And now we live in the Midwest, where large families are still considered perfectly normal.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Ms Math was going to say something else, abruptly discovered that she 'didn't want to go there' and briskly decided appearing dumb was the better part of valor.

Anonymous said...

New Math strikes again.

Nigel Tufnel said...

Well, it's one more, isn't it?

Shae said...

"Well, technically yes, but the twins were kinda a two-for-one deal."

Works even better since you actually have twins.

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