Thursday, September 3, 2015

Skool nerse memories

This is Mrs. Grumpy.

Many years ago Local Hospital built a new wing, which had quite a few delays (the main one being that about 1/3 of the way through they discovered they'd forgotten to budget money to build it, and didn't have any).

Anyway, the day they opened the new building was, coincidentally, the day I'd scheduled my hysterectomy. So I was in the first batch of post-op patients that were put in rooms in the wing. They were bigger and more modern than the old building, so seemed like a nice idea.

After I settled in I turned on the TV in my room... it didn't work, but the nurse came down to answer my call light. Which I hadn't pushed. It's just as well, though, because she had to go into the room next door because the TV in there had just switched on even though the occupant hadn't touched it.

When I turned on the sink both it and my shower came on.

They eventually got my TV working, and I sat back to watch something. About 15 minutes later the fire sprinkler in the room randomly switched on, dousing me and shorting out the TV. Which gave off a huge cloud of smoke and triggered the fire alarm.

As they rolled me and several other post-op patients back to the old wing, the nurses were talking about how they'd installed computers for them, but no monitors.

Awesome planning all around.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh hospital administration at it's finest!

jimbo26 said...

As ' Head Nurse ' calls it ' Manglement ' . ( Head Nurse blog ) .

Don said...

That Project Manager experienced a Career Ending event right there

Anonymous said...

One suspects that the electrician in charge the day before hadn't received the memo about renumbering the rooms starting on the left facing the back of the building instead of left on entering the building, and the plumber had signed off on the job before cutting the proper lengths of intake lines, and no one consulted with folks installing the fire sprinklers or maybe the message had been left on voicemail but the phone system hadn't been installed, yet. Sometimes these facilities are in an all-confounded hurry to celebrate the ribbon-cutting that they've not completed a walk-through.

Bobbi said...

You just added another reason why I wish my friends who are about to have surgery "a boring hospital stay and an uneventful recovery." lol

Shash said...

Sounds like several people on that work crew didn't like the management.

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