Monday, September 7, 2015

It's a holiday, here's a video

Thank you, Tab!


bobbie said...

Oh, dang! We don't get it here!!

Mage said...

Oh funny.

Anonymous said...

The tune is catchy.

Anonymous said...

Permutations on the app? Where an Irish wake is being held (you'll have to come up with the 'memories' to relate to those assembled, or bring a bottle.) Or, whether it's held in a location where celebration of life catering features a. cold deli-style with assorted meats, cheeses, breads, (or already prepared funeral sandwiches), roasted vegetables, pea salads, desserts, or b. hot style with a chafing dish entrée, roasted vegetables, assorted salads, breads, cocoanut pudding. Or, whether, depending where you are in the USA, what sort of comfort food you could contribute the the spread: green Jell-O pineapple salad with marshmallows, hot or cold potato salad, deviled eggs, fried chicken, chicken spaghetti, Texas sheet cake, more versions of funeral potatoes, tamales, enchiladas, green chile stew, tortillas, and scalloped potatoes and baked ziti.

Seriously, though, in my church as part of the 'medical ministry' we provided funeral meals, and since there was only a half dozen of us, we devised a basic menu, and rotated volunteers unless someone had a special they could always whip up at last notice--as these affairs are usually at the last moment. But, we investigated some internet programs which help organize the offerings so that there weren't too many plates of lemon meringue pie, or beef burgundy tips, or if it was funeral sandwiches, someone remembered to bring the cheese.

Moose said...

I forget if I've told this tale.

When I turned 40, some smartass friends of mine threw me a combination wake & shiva. It lasted two days (or, as I later called it, it was a "Reader's Digest Shiva" - for the non-Jews, shiva lasts 7 days). People made and brought all of the traditional Jewish foods found at a shiva - bagels and cream cheese, pickled herring, tuna salad, etc. Someone even brought a jar of gefilte fish which many of the guests - most of who were non-Jewish college kids - stared at in horror. (To be fair, many Jews look at that stuff in horror, too.)

On a table they had a little casket. Some months before, for some reason I've long forgotten, a friend and I were talking about making people figure out of popsicle sticks. I mentioned that to make a popsicle-stick Moose you'd have to use a lot of them, 'cause I'm fat. Here's a picture of popsicle-stick me in my casket: Normally, Jewish funerals are closed casket and there are no crosses involved, but as I said, it was a combined shiva and wake.

Ten years later I asked the same people for ideas of what to do for my 50th birthday. They all told me the same thing: "You can't turn 50. You're already dead. I know, because I was at your wake!"

Flmgodog said...

Seriously hilarious!!!! My non-MOT husband also reads your blog and caught this before I did. He sent the link to my entire family and friends!!
Very funny, IBEE!!

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