Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Willows and poppies

So, last night I was doing a market research survey on stroke treatments.

Sandwiched between a question on the efficacy of anti-platelet agents and another on their safety profiles was this:

I'm not sure if this falls under the "IT guy screwed up" or "let's see if you're paying attention" categories.


Anonymous said...

If I had to fill out surveys for my job, a little oxy might help matters. I detest surveys. My brain is wired a little funny, and i t bothers me when none of the answers exactly fit. I'm like Sheldon Cooper at the DMV.

Anonymous said...

I took a survey I few months ago that asked if I had experienced any "fatal heart attacks" in the past year. I'm pretty sure that if I experienced a fatal heart attack in the past year I wouldn't be taking their survey. Wonder if it was put there to make sure people were actually reading the questions.

Moose said...

IT people don't design surveys. Web designers design surveys.

Blame the correct heavy drinkers, dammit.

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