Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'm a magnet

I stopped at the bank to deposit some checks. They know me, and so the teller and I are chatting a bit. While we're talking an elderly woman steps up to the other teller.

Teller: "Hi, Mabel. How are you doing?"

Mabel: "I need to know if my debit card was activated. It doesn't seem to be working."

Teller: "Let me see it..." (Mabel hands her a card) "Mabel, this is a library card."

Mabel: "It is?" (opens wallet) "What about this?"

Teller: "That's your driver's license."

Mabel: "Well, it's still not working at the ATM."

Teller: "It's not supposed to. Let me check your account."

Mabel: "Can you see if I have any overdue books?"


Mal said...

At that point, I'm hoping that someone took away her drivers license.

"No Mabel, that was Stop sign, not a Street name."

"But it's still not telling me which way for Route 66."

"Mabel, Slow down!"

"But the speed limit is 120."

"Mabel that was a house number!"

"But it said 120! Why is everyone driving so slowly?"

jimbo26 said...

Oh yes . Best wishes Mabel . ;-)

Anonymous said...

The people at the bank often know before the family or even the doctor that things are not right and the executive function is in decline.

Packer said...

I know Mabel, she used to call my office 9 times a day. I called elderly protective services, she no longer calls anyone.

Ginger said...

Did you give her your card?

Bobbi said...

Aw, that's sad. :-(

Also scary and dangerous. I hope she has responsible family members somewhere and that someone has contacted them. When my father started declining rapidly, no one in his small town bothered to try to contact me -- the out-of-state only child -- even though they were scared by his driving and other behaviors.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I'll bet magicians just love her...

Anonymous said...

Maybe her debit card doesn't work because she's standing next to you and you're a magnet?

Moose said...

For crying out loud. This looks just like the stories I edit for work. I started looking for the 'edit' button so I could fix the formatting, then got confused (or more than usual) when I couldn't find it.

Mrs. Widget said...

Could be Mabel is there everyday. or more, and they are used to her.

Anonymous said...

"How many more punches do I need before I get a free coffee?"

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