Monday, January 5, 2015

Round & Round

Annie: "Dr. Grumpy's office, this is Annie."

Mrs. Feather: "I've been trying to reach you people all week. Why don't you return my calls?"

Annie: "It... looks like I've called you back 4 times. There was no answer, but I left messages each time."

Mrs. Feather: "I haven't gotten any of them. What number did you call?"

Annie: "The one you wrote on your info sheet, 867-5309."

Mrs. Feather: "That's my home number. I never answer that or check the messages. I only use that for outgoing calls."

Annie: "Well, it's the contact info you gave us. Is there a better number to reach you at?"

Mrs. Feather: "I use my cell phone for incoming calls. It's the only one I answer. It's the number my family tries to reach me on, but I don't give it out because I know you people sell phone numbers to telemarketers."

Annie: "No, ma'am, we don't sell or give out your personal information. So what's the cell phone number, so I can reach you next time?"

Mrs. Feather: "I'm not giving that out. It's only for family to reach me on, and no one else."

Annie: "Okay, but then how am I supposed to return your calls?"

Mrs. Feather: "You can call my home number."

Annie: "But you just told me you never answer that line."

Mrs. Feather: "Yes, but you can leave a message."


Packer said...

Time for another vacation Doc. ?

I mean really, I had one of these episodes last week and the drag of it had me contemplating retirement, not so much for the single incident, but that they seem to be coming more and more frequently.

bunkywise said...

I actually have the same set up at home (never answer the home phone and I have it set never to even ring) but Vonage has a great feature where they transcribe the message and send it to you in email. Some of the transcriptions are really funny. Political calls and solicitations drove me to this and I resent having to pay for this buffer service but I will continue to guard my cell number, although my doctors and dentists have it. So glad you are back. It was a long two weeks without you!

brent said...

So, Who's on first?

clairesmum said...

indication of impaired executive functioning....Mary does more than run the place, she starts the assessment, too!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh to be so important in your own head that you can refuse to give someone your phone number yet still expect them to call you.

I wonder what color the sky is in that world?

Anonymous said...

Please check this patient for dementia........or stupidity. Either one.

Ms. Donna said...

and he's back . .

Anonymous said...

Cool reference.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love treating cable company employees?

Moose said...

I have the reverse problem. I hand out my cell # to the medical office as my "primary number" and my Skype number as my "leave a message" number. They keep deciding that since my cell # is "just a cellphone" that it's not my primary number.

Then they call my Skype number and leave snotty messages about how I never answer the phone.

Anonymous said...

Google voice will do this for free!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for changing my name to Mrs. Feather. Life is complicated!

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