Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Overheard in the ER

Nurse: "I thought you were leaving AMA?"

Ms. Eword: "I am. You people here don't treat me right. I'm suffering, and in horrible pain, and you won't give me any Dilaudid. I'm never coming back to this dump."

Nurse: "So... why are you still here?"

Ms. Eword: "I want to finish my coffee."


Anonymous said...

As my nurse friend said the other day.... the H stands for Hospital, not Hilton!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Or as we like to say in our neck of woods - The Good Samaritan Sheraton!

Packer said...

Light and sweet the way nurses and coffee should be, but rarely are.

MA said...

I guess she didn't believe in coffee-to-go.

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