Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Just add reindeer!

One of my readers is an OB/GYN who recently had foot surgery, and therefore is (allegedly) non-weight bearing. Like most docs (we're generally terrible patients) she's not going to let that slow her down.

So she's hobbling around the hospital this month using a knee scooter.

Of course this is the Christmas season. So while she was doing a C-Section (without the cart, it's not sterile) her ride was left at a nurses station.

When she returned, she found the staff had aggressively pimped it out:

"The 'eggnog' flask is hidden under the cushion."

I think that's just awesome. All it needs now is some flashing lights.

Thank you, K!


Mal said...


I'm going to tinsel my crutches for the christmas party.

Anonymous said...

It needs an underbody neon glow kit and "pokes" hubcaps.

And a trailer for the subwoofers.

stacey said...

Needs these:|pcrid|50686545970|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|&gclid=CjwKEAiA-5-kBRDylPG5096R8mASJABqEdm4mf2tBglPIkzRBJdaQv9eQZ9DSyGw7ns2ucECNly2AxoC6q7w_wcB

Not spam, to a pic

BendySadness said...

And I got told off for walking on my foot too much, after just a surgery on my ingrown toenail.

MA said...

They'll be racing down the hall with decorated wheel chairs in hot pursuit of the decked out doc's scooter.

Nana said...

Sublime silliness...and the staff must love her, to take such liberties

Holly said...

I love it!

Teughcats said...

I'm late with the commentary, but I love this! Had ankle surgery earlier this year and used a knee scooter for a couple of weeks. Much easier than crutches and people got a kick out of seeing me zip around the office on it. The guys wanted to use it for races!

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