Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mary's Desk, Tuesday afternoon

Mary: "So we can see you this Thursday at 4:00. What's your insurance?"

Mr. Ximénez: "Major Illness, Incorporated."

Mary: "Are you on their PPO or HMO plan?"

Mr. Ximénez: "PPO."

Mary: "And what's your birthday?"

Mr. Ximénez: "My, this is a lot of questions. I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!"

Sadly, she didn't get it, and asked me about it later.



Anonymous said...

Handed to her on a plate. What a shame. They both missed out on a huge laugh there!

bluetoothbuddha said...

Uh Oh! Trouble at the mill...

Packer said...

And you never got to the classic:
Any major illnesses in your family?

Anonymous said...

Mary probably set him off by asking him the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow, but didn't clarify for him whether it was an African or European swallow.

Anonymous said...

All you need to ask is the three important questions

1. How much do you weigh.
2. How old are you.
3 Do you dye your hair.

Everything else can be deduced.


Anonymous said...

Never forget this classic from History of the World, Part I:

Trust me.

Kore said...

Tell Mary to just say "Ni!" or "Mattress!" next time.

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