Friday, December 20, 2013

Dr. Grumpy's gift guide

Doesn't your dog deserve something nice this year, like clean and shiny fur?

I can't vouch for the quality of this brand, but I must say they have an, um, interesting name for their line of pet-hair-care products. The kind that will make snooping dinner guests call the ASPCA when they see it in your medicine cabinet.

"Oooh... They even have one called 'Dirty Talk' and another named 'Quickie.' "


Anonymous said...

I think they're a human hair care line called "bed head" so this might be a play off of that....though you think they would change some of the "quickie"....yuk

Whelk Lad! said...

The bone on the top of the bottle is really the crowning touch.

Anonymous said...

It's those people that couldn't sell enough randomly obtained (i.e. stolen shiploads) of sildenafil and sold it on the internet without prescription after the FDA ordered recalls? Or, sold online generic phenylpropanolamine as a weight loss drug after too many young women ended up in the ER with brain infarcts? Maybe. Or, make-your-own MMDA?

Wendy said...

We sell that. I think they all stink.

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