Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dr. Grumpy's gift guide

You're a medical student on a gastroenterology rotation, watching a colonoscopy. As the camera snakes up some guy's nether regions, the attending suddenly points to the monitor, turns to you, and says "does that look normal?"

Of course, you have no fucking clue (neither did I, but there are reasons I'm a neurologist). So what do you do? Well, now you can just quickly check your iPhone!

These attractive iPhone cases come in a wide variety of pathology (normal is above) including inflammation, diverticulitis, malignant, pre-malignant, Crohn's disease, and many more! With this helpful guide, your biggest issue will be finding a way to change phone cases quickly without the attending noticing.

NOTE: Dr. Grumpy is not responsible for you failing the rotation, not clinching the GI fellowship you wanted, or getting GoLytely and shit on your iPhone.


Anonymous said...

You said "clinching"


Officer Cynical said...

I had a colonoscopy once. I can assure you there was nothing "golytely" about it.

Ms. Donna said...

Go-go Gadget!

Anonymous said...

i'll stick to cupcakes, thanks

Anonymous said...

I don't know what is worse. The fact that these cases are made at all or the fact that I went to the web site to see what the other ones look like.

Anonymous said...

So if your colon ( or the ultrasound of your testicular cancer, another iphone case) happens to be the artwork displayed, do you get royalties. After all, they're making money from your a$$. Were these images taken with permission? I'm sure there's a whole year's work there for an enterprising lawyer who wants to work with a$$holes.

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