Monday, May 6, 2013

Drugs 'R' Us

Tonight we have two great tales about upstanding members of society.

First, we have Jarvis Sutton of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mr. Sutton was unusually hopeful that if he called 911 enough, the police would deliver marijuana and munchies to his home. When they showed up and failed to bring either, he consoled himself by eating the police car instead.

Second, we have the remarkably organized Carolyn Murray of Pennsylvania.

This fine lady was involved in a car accident. While providing her insurance forms to officers she handed them a shopping and to do list, which included such items as "potato salad," "Xanax," and "cocaine." It also had a helpful reminder to "get high."

Thank you, Tanya and Webhill!


Jaxxy said...

People are amazing. Are we sure we're the dominant race? I'm not convinced that it's not raccoons.

Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

I chased the links and got sucked into looking at before and after photos of methheads. Yuck. The comments accompanying the second link are hilarious!

Packer said...

If you need to remind yourself to get high, there is more than a middlin chance that you are already high.

I thought they had stopper performing lobotomy surgery years ago.

Police officers responding to 911 calls are adrenalized to begin with , so let's not be stupid when we make that call. Imagine the cop responding to an emergency and finding that asshole, he is lucky he survived the beat down that I hope he got.

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