Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Marketing FAIL

How impressed can you be with a medical practice management company that obscures their own contact information on a fax advertising their services?

Thank you, Lee!


Anonymous said...

Also have to love the "free" consultation...

Lee said...

I think it's free if you can guess their phone number!

a.generic doc said...

They ARE contributing to YOUR financial success by not telling you how to contact them. Any company sending spam to your fax is not the kind of company that is likely to be good to your bottom line.

RehabRN said...


I'm sure it looks really good as it's going into the fax machine on their end. Just not so good on yours.

Cool print jobs aren't everything as some people think.

You have to consider the medium, and this one sure ain't working. (Sorry, I'm prejudiced from years in marketing!)

They need to hire a better marketing firm...or fire the one they have.

Too bad you can't give them that valuable info. Oh, well!

jojotogo said...

I made a similar mistake years ago. I used white-out to fix a mistake, not knowing the fax machine was unable to read the info written on top of white -out. The fax transmitted the corrected area as a black blob. It looked fine on my end, but my recipient saw the blob.

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