Saturday, June 30, 2012

Random Saturday Pictures

First off, we have this sign spotted at a Burger King. Even ignoring the grammar issues, it has to be the most unenthusiatic, uninviting, unappealing ad for a birthday party I've ever seen.

Just makes you want to yell "Sign me up!" huh?

Next is this fine beverage. Because what could be more enticing than a beer whose name translates to "Sudden Death"?

"Preferred 2-to-1 over Kool-Aid."

My reader Leigh recently got her water bill, and was horrified to find her city is spending tax dollars on a talking toilet mascot named "Leaky Loo McFlapper." They're claiming he's "world famous" (hell, I can't even find a FaceBook page for him) though at least he's not artisanal.

"Someday I hope to work up to McD's, when Grimace retires."

And, lastly, there's this technological breakthrough. Because what good is a $300 phone if you can't use it to open a beer?
Opening a beer? There's an app for that.


Anonymous said...

1. Old Saying: Ignorance are bliss.
2. Ingredients: Cyanide, arsenic, radioactive by-products. WARNING: May contain trace amounts of beer.
3. Amongst names rejected: Looky Loo McSphincter
4: Good God, I'm stumped- this is just too stupid.

RogerBW said...

Mort Subite was a genuinely artisanal beer (one of those made in Belgium by trappist monks), until the brewery got bought out about ten years ago. Now it's truly horrible, mass-produced garbage.

It was apparently named after a dice/drinking game played by junior reporters in Brussels - they might get sent off on a job at any moment, so the "sudden death" was a way of ending the game quickly.

Anonymous said...

The beer? While a bit funny, I'd drink it. If Roger hadnt spoke up at least....

The intoxicase? I wouldn't say is all bad. Though I'd prefer to keep a smaller opener on my keychain. Dont drink and drive.

Steeny Lou said...

If not for your posting, Doc, I may never have gotten to see this:


MSGMD said...

There is also a real beer called Delirium Tremens, that comes in a 750 ml (wine bottle) size

Kara said...

Does anyone else look at Leaky Loo and think of Justin Timberlake's SNL song, D*** in a Box? Only it would be D*** in a bowl.
Don't open the lid, whatever you do.

Sara L. Uckelman said...

Morte Subite's "Blanche" (a wit/lambic) is a simply amazing beer; it smells like bananas but doesn't taste like them, the palate is like cream. I was quite impressed; though when I tried their Xtreme Kriek a few weeks later, it was not nearly as good.

Anonymous said...

Also a real beer out there called Rigor Mortis so why not sudden death too!

Anonymous said...

I prefer that my kids use their phones over their 10K worth of orthodondia.

Anonymous said...

Also a real beer called "Lobotomy Bock."

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