Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I have a bad feeling about this

Dr. Grumpy: "What medications are you on?"

Mr. Scattered: "I don't know. Whatever my girlfriend puts in my pill cup."

Dr. Grumpy (to girlfriend): "What pills does he get?"

Ms. Girlfriend: "I don't know the names. Whatever his mother tells me to give him."

Dr. Grumpy: "Where can I reach your mom?"

Mr. Scattered: "She's in jail."


Officer Cynical said...

"Can I call her at the jail?"

"No, it burned down."

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like my Dad and his wife, though I think she also adds a lot of supplements, like vitamin "K2". **sigh**

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Officer Cynical

bookbug said...

"Thank you for this surreal office visit."

Ivan Ilyich said...

And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all.

Jefferson Airplane

Anonymous said...

There's some yellow pills....some peach ones...some white....then there's some weird long blue ones.

Mrs J said...

Frightening that they are that dependant on his jailbird mother. I don't take any medication unless i have researched it and asked my dr and/or my pharmacist about the medication. Wonder what mom is in jail for...dealing pain meds would be my guess. Sad

Ms. Donna said...

Well, when I was a young teen I tried to do the Mrs. J. route. Research, etc. My Mom the Head Nurse didn't like that.

"I looked at the label, what do you want? A sign from above?"

Now older and wiser, I DO do the Mrs. J. research route. And I have caught some interesting errors. I don't know if it was the pharmacy or the MD or both, but I would truck back to the pharmacy, ask to speak to the RPh on duty and explain why I thought the pills in the bottle didn't match waht the MD wanted me to take.

I one case it was because the pharmacy switched suppliers and the pills were a different shape/color. In two cases, the RPh got VERY quiet. And called the doc and gave me new pills, no charge after calling the MD.

I am NOT blaming anyone. If you are on your feet and most neurons are functioning, you should at least make a fast look at a reference book.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Too bad you cannot use the hot tub test at work

= leave these two in a yard with the 'tub turned over, and see if they "try to run with it.... may be good screening test

but then, what is the billing code for darwinitis?

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