Friday, August 6, 2010

Annie's desk, August 6, 2010

Annie: "Dr. Grumpy's office, this is Annie."

Ms. Daughter: "Hi, my Dad has Parkinson's disease, and I was wondering if you had any birthday gift ideas specifically for Parkinson's patients?"

Annie: "Hmm. Well, there's a really good physical therapy program for them over at Local Rehab."

Ms. Daughter: "No, I'd have to drive him to that, and don't have the time. He already has a cane, otherwise I'd get him one. Can you write a script under my name for his meds? That way I can have my insurance pay for them, and save him money?"

Annie: "No, we really can't do that. What about just a regular gift? Like baseball tickets, or a book?"

Ms. Daughter: "No... He likes movies. Do you know of any movies that are out now about Parkinson's disease? He's already seen 'Awakenings'."

Annie: "Why don't you take him out for a nice brunch, or dinner?"

Ms. Daughter: "You people aren't any help at all." (click)


ndenunz said...

Why don't you tell her you could sell her a brand new substantia nigra then wrap up a chicken gizzard in plastic and charge her $300.

Lord of the Eeple said...

How about the really nice gift of not acting like everything in the man's life is about being sick?

The Mother said...

You obviously are just not catering to your patients' needs.

I bet you don't have a coffee bar, masseuses and streaming internet in your waiting room, either.

stacey said...

Holy Shiite Batman!

C said...

My father has Parkinson's too. I get him pictures of the Grandkids. He has healthcare in Mexico. His meds are covered 100%.

Maybe she should send her Father to Mexico-to live-to get away from her.

WV-achoo Ahahahaha

Mugdha said...

Yeah, I think a nice trip away from her would have been a perfect present. Sheesh.

Outrider said...

How sad. I used to bring my grandfather a small black coffee, a plain donut, and gossip. That's all he wanted, along with my company.

I miss him.

Heather said...

OMG.....What is wrong with people? Are you sure you aren't making this stuff up? ;)

donna said...

Hey Annie,
My dad just had a colostomy.
Any Birthday gift ideas?

OMG Too bad this man could get
a new daughter as a birthday

Miss Kismet said...

I'm guessing she already had a medication in mind for that prescription she wanted you to write for her "father" in her name. I would have suggested she give her dad a day away from her as a gift :).

Helen said...

Buying someone a movie about their illness is either an awesome joke for someone who appreciates black humour, or just a really, really bad idea.

terri c said...

You have any suggestions for a person with Scheuermann's kyphosis? I used to visit a very nice gentleman with end stage Parkinson's at a care facility. He enjoyed having company while watching Jerry Springer.

Wv--scocoma. Like a scotoma, only different.

Texas Pharmacy Chica said...

Insurance fraud as birthday present? Really? Is this for real?

I wish you could charge her for a standard office visit for wasting your time.

Chris said...

On another note, my uncle with ALS really enjoyed the copy of "Pride of the Yankees" I got him for Christmas last year.

Anonymous said...

puhleeese- nothing that involves time or effort

Kimbra Kasch said...

So sad
so bad
no time to drive her sick dad...

scarfoot79 said...

I cannot believe how rude people are. And hello, what an odd question to begin with!

a.generic doc said...

Maybe this daughter's onto something.

Many museums make you walk through a gift shop on the way out. Why not sell neurological gifts in your waiting room.


Framed copies of the patient's MRI

T-shirts that say, "I don't twitch nearly as much since I saw Dr. Grumpy"

Stovetop popcorn pans for patients with tremors.

TiredRPh said...

I just caught a patient at my pharmacy commiting this ins fraud. She had written in her ex-husband's name on her rx ( the MD had forgotten to write it on ). She did this also because she had no insurance. And it was a controlled sub. Insurance fraud AND a felony.

And I agree with Outrider.....the best gift you can give is YOU!

Chrysalis said... went into the wrong specialty.

Lord of the Eeple said...

Hey, I'm with a.generic doc. It'd totally buy that t-shirt.

But I'd want the digital files of my MRI, so I could have it printed on a dishtowel.

arzt4empfaenger said...

a.generic doc - bwahaha, that's good.

What a moronic daughter, though. Sad.

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