Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stupid questions

Dr. Grumpy: "Here are the names of 3 hand surgeons I recommend."

Mr. Carpal: "Are they good docs? I don't want to see a bad one."

My inner voice: "No, you dipshit. They're all dangerously incompetent. WTF would I knowingly refer you to a bad one?"


Ron said...

"They were listed as the top three surgeons with the most malpractice lawsuits pending, Mr. Carpal, but they've won all their previous cases so I'm sure they'll do a fine job."

student dr. blaze said...

"I don't know what their surgical skills are like, but they're damn good at tree surfing. That counts, right?"

I have to be very careful when reading a bunch of your posts at once. Has anyone ever died from laughing too hard? ;-)

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The Mother said...

Because you don't like him?

Anonymous said...

Because they've read too many doctor blogs and are hoping you'll either look guilty or shocked.

Doctor D said...

Grumpy, I think they read my blog on "bad doctors" and got nervous. Sorry for making your patients paranoid!

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