Friday, December 11, 2009

The First Night

The official Grumpy family Christmakuh tree is up, and I want to wish my Jewish readers a very happy Hanukkah.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tom Lehrer's remarkable work, I suggest you learn more. He is one of the very best musical comedians EVER, with, oddly enough, advanced degrees in science and mathematics. Other brilliant works include The Elements, Pollution, Smut, The Hunting Song, I Hold Your Hand in Mine, and many others. For those who (like me) grew up watching The Electric Company on PBS, he wrote a number of those catchy tunes, such as L-Y and Silent E.


Anonymous said...

So what do Mongolian Yak herders display? Can I really purchase your merchandise? Where is it Made?
I am sure there are many who are curious! Thank You.


Grumpy, M.D. said...

MM- you can purchase stuff at the Dr. Grumpy store- the link is in my right sidebar, or just go to:

We display festive yak hides, and decorate the outside of the yurt with torches. We also use colorful skulls from travelers who got lost looking for Mount Everest.

Mary said...

I don't find it odd that he has degrees in math and science. Most musicians are very mathematical.

Lilorfnannie said...

Very very cute. Yes I remember his songs on early Sesame Street episodes- they were AWESOME. I watched part of a modern episode of Sesame Street yesterday- it was really weird. The intro song was "updated" and there was all this computer graphics, and one character was RAPPING a lot- ugh. Give me the old stuff, give me Tom Lehrer any day.

Happy Holidays Dr. Grumpy, hope it abounds with eggnog, cookies, chocolate, and Diet Coke :-)

The Good Cook said...

And a Happy Hannakuh to you and yours.

Sunny said...

This one had me bouncing too:

Review said...

First off all thank you Doctor for you wishes! Speaking of advanced degrees in science and creativity I think it is a good chance for me to mention (I don't think you ever posted it) there is a band called Amateur Transplants, they are two real doctors and they are very talented parody song makers (they write and sing pretty decent. I bet you will like them.

Ann T. said...

Dear Dr. Grumpy,
I Love Tom Lehrer. My absolute favorite though, has to be the Vatican Rag. My sister and I were forbidden to show off our dance, tailor made for it, to the grandparents.

Thanks for the memory,
Ann T.

Janna said...

How funny!
Love the song. :)

Hanukkah in Santa Monica!

You could write your own version, if only something rhymed with Mongolia.

Diet Colia?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Tom Lehrer and Christmas ...

The Mother said...

If I got to display colorful skulls of folks who have annoyed me over the years, I might actually decorate for Hannukah.

As it is, we just thank our resident spirits that we don't have to put a dead tree in our living room.

Alan said...

"Christmakuh tree" - I love it!

Thanks for reminding me about Tom Lehrer...I'd forgotten all about him...his music is truly hysterical.

Thanks for the Hanukkah wishes,

and lastly, Chappy Chanookah to you and yours.

The Nice Lady said...

I've been enjoying Tom Lehrer since I was in grade school.

I was unnaturally fond of Irish Ballad, but I had an unnatural brother.

It's nice to see that someone whose sense of humor I admire knows who he is.

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