Monday, January 5, 2009

Sympathetic doctors

So I'm leaving the hospital after rounds, and stopped in the doctor's lounge to get a Diet Coke for the road.

As I wandered through there were 3 burned-out looking hospitalists watching TV. An ad came on for some antidepressant, featuring a sad-looking woman in a dark room, gazing blankly out a window.

The voice-over comes on. "Do you feel depressed? Have activities you used to like stopped being enjoyable? Do things seems hopeless? Shouldn't you talk to your doctor about these symptoms?"

All 3 of the other doc's together yelled "Fuck no!"


pharmacy chick said...

its good to know you all are just like the rest of us. haha

"Ask your pharmacist about colon-blow! " WTF for?

Anonymous said...

Even though I have clincal depression after a stroke, and am on a generic form of one of those anti-depressants, I laughed so hard at the post.
I hope, however that these three burned-out doctors do recognize that depression is real and to paraphrase one of those stupid commercials, "it does hurt."

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