Friday, January 16, 2009

Idiocy at the Store

So after leaving the office last night I had to go to the store.

I'm waiting in line at the customer service counter. The guy in front of me has a shopping cart with 2 different kinds of coffee machines in them.

He goes up to the counter, and has this exchange with the girl:

Counter girl: "Yes, sir, can I help you?"

Guy in line: "I'd like to return a coffeemaker."

Counter girl: "Is something wrong with it?"

Guy in line: "No, I'd just gotten the GE by mistake, and I meant to get the Mr. Coffee"

Counter girl: "Okay. Can I see your receipt?"

Guy in line: "I don't have one. I haven't bought it."

Counter girl: "Excuse me?"

Guy in line: "I haven't paid for it yet. I'd just put the GE in my cart, then realized it was the wrong kind and got the Mr. Coffee. So now I need to return the GE."

Counter girl (looking shocked): "Um, if you haven't paid for it, sir, you can just put it back on the shelf when that happens."

Guy in line: "Oh." (pause). "Uh, what do I do now?"

Counter girl: (who's visibly trying not to laugh) "Just give me the GE and I'll take care of it, then take the Mr. Coffee over to check out".

He wandered off. I got up to the counter and said "I'm not with him, I swear".

She was laughing so hard she had to go to the break room, and someone else came over to help me.


ashleigh said...

Oh dear. The real worry is that these people are allowed to drive.

Cody said...


They can have kids!

MJ said...

Not just kids too, where the hell do these people actually find a job?

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