Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Seen in a chart

Remember medical students: taking a good family history now includes covering test conclusions, free text, and practice management, but fortunately not retardation or cancer.


Anonymous said...

God help us.

ndenunz said...

And the sad part is, thanks to EMRs, this crap gets copied and pasted into every note from now until eternity

Kassy said...

And it is almost impossible to not copy. It auto-populates into unalterable text.

Anonymous said...

More? You want ... MORE?

clairesmum said...

the tyranny of the tick boxes. it's come to hospice care at my agency. now I get to tick off mandatory red boxes to turn them green, update care plans that will never be read except by QA/UR/and JCAHO functionaries. Providing the compassion and presence that is essential for meeting the 'goal of care ' - comfortable death in your own bed or your own home - that's an extra. and not a reason to put in for overtime. All with the freeway traffic in the Bay area as my 'office."
for the first time in a long career in nursing, I am trying to figure out how to retire before I burnout.

I think hospice was the last bastion of relative freedom from idiotic EHRs.

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