Monday, May 14, 2018


Dr. Grumpy: "Are you much of a drinker?"

Mr. Collins: "Nope. Not at all. Just coffee, but I admit I'm a caffeine junkie. I drink it all day."

Mrs. Collins: "What are you talking about? You put Baileys in your coffee all day! You even keep it in that little thermos you sneak to work!"

Mr. Collins: "That doesn't count!"


Anonymous said...

Mmm. I love all that flavored coffee stuff. Rum, now that sounds good, right about now. Hot, buttery, chocolate rum mocha. No wonder I don't get anything done all day.

Packer said...

Needs it to dampen down the caffeine buzz

I could go for a cup now.

Anonymous said...

The traditional Swabian dish "Maultaschen" consists of pasta dough, filled with minced meat, spinach, bread crumbs, and onions. Legend has it that they were invented by monks, who ate them during Lent - God was not supposed to see the meat filling.

Maybe the coffee has the same purpose here. God, or Dr Grumpy, is not supposed to see the alcohol - it does not count if it is not visible...

Topher_Henry said...

So classic. I'll never forget when I used to work in the hospital Cardiac ICU there was a man in his 50s-60s that came in with heart issues, and promptly started to detox. When his wife and adult daughter were helping give his medical history and the question of whether or not he drank came up, there was a simultaneous answer: Mom, "No" vs Daughter, "Yes". The daughter looked at her mom and was like, "Mom, seriously. Dad drinks a 1/5 of Vodka a day."

Mage said...


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