Monday, May 7, 2018

Random pictures

Okay, time to hit the mailbag for stuff you guys have sent in.

First, taken in a subway, is this opportunity that could end unemployment:


Here's this headline, which is just begging for someone to snicker at it.

Then there's this refrigerator drawer in a reader's recent appliance purchase, which sounds somewhat obscene:

 Here's a coffee pot seen early one morning at a hospital nurses station:

That's an interesting name for your iPhone:

And, finally, this box label. Which seems awfully pretentious for a freakin' cantaloupe.


Emily Littella said...

Maybe my "endangered feces" bit wasn't that far off.

Astrolabe Silverwax said...

(1) Isn't the full expression "drop off the kids at the pool?"
(2) After you produce your stool, won't your officemates object if you crush it at work?

Anonymous said...

"Apples" and "Grapes" were good, but "Cantaloupes" isn't so much a free-standing movie as it is a setup for next summer's "Fruit Salad."

Anonymous said...

The owner of that iPhone seems to have a big grudge against anti-theft software for some reason...

Anonymous said...

Brewing coffee in your crack takes a lot of practice, but it produces a cup that's at perfect body temperature.

Anonymous said...

Chilling your meat makes it last longer.

Moose said...

Waaaay back in the day when companies were first hopping onto the Internets and the web, they'd give employees access but often monitor the usage tightly.

A friend of mine worked at such a place. A mess of us were chatting online when said friend popped in. He was in a total panic, convinced he was going to be fired, because he'd discovered the, ahem, hard way that the URL for Dick's Sporting Goods is not, in fact,

He was sure they were coming for him any minute. We managed to make him understand that they weren't going to give a crap about a one time hit. They were looking for the people obviously surfing around for naughty bits and bobbles.

Rick Lundgren said...

Under Joint Commission Chapter RC 10.02.01 EP69 the documentation for the crack pot is a conditional level finding as it is missing the date and signature. Also the "@" is an unapproved abbreviation/symbol.

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