Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday vacation pictures

On our recent trip we spent a few days in Las Vegas. At the AdventureDome amusement park they had this air hockey table:

"Winner gets free Premarin!"

While walking to the rollercoaster Marie suddenly yelled "There's a toilet out there!" This porcelain throne, and what looks like the remains of a bathroom stall, are lying outside on the roof of the casino.

Another victim of El Burrito Grande.

Afterwards we went to a food court, where the neurologist in me noticed this burger place:

Do they hire Parkinson's patients? Seizure patients? Both?

Browsing through a candy store, I saw a PEZ set for the most devoted LOTR fans:

The place also sold a brand of chewing gum called "I Love My Penis." I swear.

Of course, some of you may prefer non-fiction PEZ, and they have that covered, too:

Screw Mount Rushmore. THIS is the big time.

And, predictably, some things you just can't escape from:


Anonymous said...

Quail eggs, eh? Sounds like there was plenty of material for the Grumpy family to discuss the inconsistency, inconsequentiality, and 'Ripley Believe it Not' effect? Has your family ever visited Mitchell, South Dakota?

Loren Pechtel said...

That Hotflash even looks rather like a Premarin tablet.

bill said...

chocolate quail eggs?

i believe you may have stumbled upon the world's first 'artisan quail.'


bill said...

any quail that can lay chocolate eggs is truly an artisan.


Moose said...

Hmmm. Clearly you're not familiar with the "Steak 'n' Shake" chain -- fast food with waiter service (I think they call it "upscale fast food" or something whacky).

The "steak" part comes from what the burgers are allegedly made of. I don't really care for beef, but the shakes are pretty good -- actually made with ice cream and other non-plasticized ingredients.

RSDS said...

One of the kids I went to high school with had the last name of Shakenburger.

Mockingbird said...

I could go for a few of those chocolate Quail eggs right now. And if their A.R.T.I.S.A.N., I would buy out the whole display.
I only weigh 200 lbs. already.

Quarter Life Crisis said...

I totally have the LoTR PEZ dispensers.

Anonymous said...

So... that would make them Pezidents?

Sarah said...

Funny. I read your Vegas post about the Swimming pool/ waterfall, issue while I was sitting in the La Grand Hotel (in Vegas), at the pool side watching the kids play in the La Grand waterfall. I even looked for the time the pool closed, and it was midnight. I thought it was too bad you didn't know me. Your kids would have loved my pool! :). I did think later that night, when I went down to the strip, maybe I would see you, but then, what does a grumpy neurologist look like??

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