Monday, February 21, 2022

Supermarket report

Hi, this is Frank.

I'm still working part-time at Local Grocery, carrying groceries out and pushing empty carts in.

At Local Grocery, and at pretty much all the other stores and malls around town, asshats of both sides STILL feel the need to cover someone else's property with stickers that say "Let's go, Brandon!" or "Dump Trump" or whatever. Usually they show up at night, and sometimes there's more than one layer where they try to cover the other side's stickers.

Can you people please stop this? This bullshit is only hurting me and my co-workers.

Because after you leave, thinking how clever you are for sticking the damn things all over cart corrals, lamp posts, "handicapped parking" signs, and even shopping carts that got missed at the closing sweep, we're the ones who have to scrape them off. So each day the morning shift has to send people out with chemicals and scrapers to deal with it, only to have some bozo put them back up the next night.

You think we like doing this at 6:00 a.m. in the Midwestern winter?

You're welcome to your opinion and your stickers. Cover your car, or your house, or your body with them. I don't care.

But all you're doing here is making more work for me, and a lot of other retail store drudges, from sea to shining sea.

The situation has gotten bad enough that now Local Grocery has hired a guy just to come in a few days a week and scrape them off the property, in addition to the extra cameras they've had to put up in the parking lot.

Those cameras aren't cheap. The guys who have to scrape off the stickers aren't volunteers. This stuff increases the store's overhead, and the same for stores, gas stations... wherever else you do this crap.

Which means that your prices are only going to go up. Certainly, this isn't a big driver of inflation in our world gone mad, but it contributes. And everyone has to pay for the asinine behavior of a few.

So grow up. Put them all over your house, car, and face if you want, but leave other people's property out if it.

Thank you.


A. Marie said...

And thank you for the PSA, Frank. Good job. Ibee, you raised him right.

Harmon said...

This ought to go viral. Unfortunately I don’t do viral media. But I’m sending it to some friends who do.

Ms. Donna said...

Thank you, Frank.

bobbie said...

Well spoken, Frank ~

Rich said...

Well said.

mary beth said...

Well said, Frank. I wish more people had your mature attitude.

gloriap said...

To add insult to injury, often these vandals are being paid to plaster that political garbage and don't care personally about the message at all.

HeroHog said...

It's called "Vandalism", PERIOD, Full Stop.

Anonymous said...

Never mind my friend Lane Giddyup, who shows up to where the Buttrey's was before it was Albertsons, but now is Ridley's over there on Grand Ave, just a regular sign in bold red and white, mind you, not even one of those stickers or graffiti, right there as he enters through the front door; FIRE LANE.

Packer said...

I wonder if I Bernzo magic mapp gas torch with a flame spreading nozzle Would make the job any easier. People are slobs in many instances

Anonymous said...

I went to the store today and the shopping carts had remainders of a sticker attack on them. Made me think of this post. I talked to the staff and they were indeed victims of sticker vandalism. Must be the new thing on Tik Tok.

C said...

buying stock in scraper and sticker-removing chemical companies tomorrow... thanks for the tip

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