Monday, August 23, 2021


Dr. Grumpy: "What medications have you tried for this?"

Mr. Teen: "They... I'm sorry, my mom wrote them all down and I left it at home... Hang on."

Pulls out his phone.

Mother: "Hello. You left the list on the counter here."

Mr. Teen: "Yeah, can you read it off, please, I'm with the doctor."

Mother: "I swear, you'd forget your ass if it weren't attached to you. Remember the thing last week, where you sent a tube of athlete's foot cream through the wash? You need to be more responsible."

Mr. Teen: "Mom, can you just tell me what medications..."

Mother: "I had to replace your father's work shirt, young man. And I bet you got there late for the appointment today, too? Dr. Grumpy, can you hear me? Was he there on time?"

Dr. Grumpy: "Uh..."

Mr. Teen: "I think one of them was Excedrin, and another was called sumaframtam, and..."

Mother: "He means sumatriptan, doctor."

Mr. Teen: "Mom I can't hear you, it keeps cutting out."

He puts the phone in his pocket.

Mr. Teen: "I'll call you with the list after I get home."


bobbie said...

Poor kid!!

OldRPh said...

Dr G!
I'm pretty sure I know the cause of those headaches.

Anonymous said...

I raised two boys. Never did I harp at those kids like that. They did screw up like all kids do. But the correction was done at the time of the screw up and then we moved on. Now I have two successful productive grown men in our society. I feel for that young man.

Packer said...

Hey mom, remember he gets to pick your nursing home.

The Immortal Jinotega said...

"And another thing- you think we can't all hear what you do in the bathroom? Maybe you should ask the doctor why you have to do it three times a day!"

Anonymous said...

"I swear, you're just like your father! Seventeen years ago, I kept telling him to throw out those old expired condoms and buy new ones, but did he listen?"

Anonymous said...

Why didn't he ask his mom to send him a picture? Odd teen...

Anonymous said...

Reason for appointment: migraines
Diagnosis: has a mother
Recommendations: call a real estate agent and recheck after move

Anonymous said...

Next time, just send a picture of the list!

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