Monday, February 8, 2021

Random pictures

Okay, time to hit the mailbag for stuff you guys have sent in.

First we have this ad. Beer (at least  in my area), isn't typically sold as a "family pack."


"It's a good deal. I mean, isn't kindergarten old enough?"

Next, from the "It may be explosive, but I'm not so sure that's a spaceship" department:

A reader who ordered take-out pizza says the box stickers made her think all the guys working in the CPK kitchen were wearing condoms:

Then there's this unappetizing-sounding menu item:

"Why don't people order our crab rangoon?"

And, finally, a reader cleaning out some old boxes found this catchy-named catalog:


Powers said...

That "Family Pack" of beer is pretty crazy... though I must point out that families don't necessarily need to have minors in them.

Packer said...

Elon Men’s Cologne with the musk aroma sold in the evocative specially designed bottle

The Immortal Jinotega said...

"Mommy! Johnny drank all the Michelob Ultra and now all that's left is the Michelob Light! It's not fair! I hate light beer!"

Anonymous said...

"And, for those long family road trips, check out our new '99 Bottles of Beer'pack!"

Anonymous said...

"So you work in forensics?"
"Yes, but in a very specialized area."
"Like analyzing fingerprints?"
"Something like that..."

Anonymous said...

In other news, the company has announced it's changing its name to "SpaceXXX."

Anonymous said...

And BBQ chicken flavored lube.

Anonymous said...

"That's one small dick for man, one giant dildo for mankind."

Shash said...

Beaverprints. It sounds like a party was had at the copier machine again.

Anonymous said...

Apparently that starship was named "Eileen" has now been revealed that her family name is "Dover".

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