Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Legal adults

Craig: "What's that?"

Marie: "It's a box of mini-quiches Dad got from Costco. I'm making some for breakfast."

Craig: "Is there more than one kind?"

Marie: "Uh, it says some are spinach and cheese, and some are bacon and cheese."

Craig: "Can you make extras and I'll have some?"

Marie: "Sure."

Craig: "What kind do you want?"

Marie: "I'll just make the whole tray, and I'll eat whatever ones you don't want."


Fifteen minutes later

Marie: "Hey, how came all the bacon ones are gone?"

Craig: "I ate them."


Craig: "You said I should eat whatever ones I wanted, and you'd eat the rest."

Marie: "So you only left me spinach ones?"

Craig: "I hate spinach."

Marie: "You still should have saved me some bacon!"

Craig: "That's not what you said!"

Marie: "But they're my favorite, you dickhead!"

Dr. Grumpy: "Uh, I have to go to Costco today, I'll just get another box."

Marie: "And I get all the bacon ones."

Craig: "I'm not visiting your island in Animal Crossing if you're going to be this way."


Ms. Donna said...

LOL! It sounds like the way my house sounded.

Reds Kevin said...

Jews eat bacon?

BobF said...

Ah, yes, college doth widen horizons and strengthen resolve.

a.generic doc said...

Craig chose the right ones. The bacon ones are a lot better than the spinach!

Powers said...

Amazing how two kids who shared a womb can have such disparate unspoken assumptions when speaking to each other.

Marie assumed that she and Craig would split the "good" and "bad" quiches equitably. Craig assumed Marie would have told him if she cared which quiches she got. Neither was totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, I'll have catsup on it. For breakfast, anyway.

Anonymous said...

And the most telling comment was..."I'll just get another box"

Think about the implications of that for a minute.

In America, that statement would be nothing out of the ordinary in almost every home.

Count your blessings.

C said...

spinach is more nutritious than bacon unless you need all the fat you can scarf down due to the ambient temperature in Grumpyville in winter

Shash said...

Craig, Marie, learn how to make them and add the ingredients you want. Marie, I'd consider adding some obvious spinach to the bacon ones to keep Craig away.

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