Monday, February 17, 2020

Annie's desk

Annie: "Dr. Grumpy's office, this is Annie."

Mrs. Shaking: "I saw Dr. Grumpy last week, and he sent my refill to my mail order pharmacy, and IT STILL HASN'T GOTTEN HERE! They say they deliver within 3 days. This is unacceptable."

Annie: "Have you called them?"

Mrs. Shaking: "Yes! They said they're still waiting for you to give them more information! This is very upsetting that your office has dropped the ball like this. I demand you call them right now and fix this! I need my medication!"

Annie: "Let me put you on hold while I call them."

Annie puts her on hold, dials the doctors-office line to the mail-order pharmacy.

Phone person: "Thank you for calling BigAzz Pharmacy physician's line."

Annie: "I'm calling from Dr. Grumpy's office. We sent you a script last week for Mrs. Shaking? She's called here and says she hasn't received it yet."

Phone person: "Let me see... It looks like we haven't shipped it yet because she's refusing to give us any payment information."

Annie: "WHAT?"

Phone person: "Yes... She's called 3 times in the last 2 days, each time demanding we send it, but then refuses to give us a credit card number so we can bill her the copay of $40."

Annie: "Sorry, I had no idea."

Phone person: "In fact, it looks like yesterday she told us to bill your office for it, and we refused."


animal lover said...

Holly cow bill your office for her prescription! Wonder what this patient's thought process is on financial responsibility? However, I do have a neighbor who use to tell me she could not wait to get on Medicare because Medicare would pay for everything. Boy did she get a wake up call when she actually got on Medicare.

Ms. Donna said...

Something else not working in the noggin? Or just clueless?

ndenunz said...

It just makes you wonder how some people even survive.

bobbie said...

This time, a pay raise for Annie!!!

A. Marie said...

Both Annie and Mary have probably earned enough heavenly points to skip Purgatory by now.

Anonymous said...

Oblique reference, to be sure, but "oh, the indignity, of having to deal with the underlings". Eventually, according to the Wikipedia account of the 'Queen of Mean', she was judged to have some deficit of mental capacity. Hmm. I don't know. If she'd a better sense of moral maturity, I'm sure that fact wouldn't have have been such a factor in her sentencing for tax evasion. May she RIP.

Anonymous said...

Where can I sign up for that prescription plan?

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