Monday, June 10, 2019

Annie's desk

Annie: "Dr. Grumpy's office, this is Annie."

Mrs. Faa: "Hi, this is Mrs. Faa. I was hoping you'd be able to help me."

Annie: "Sure... let me just pull your chart up... Okay, what's up?"

Mrs. Faa: "How do I get blood out of my carpeting?"

Annie: "Uh, well, hydrogen peroxide, or..."

Mrs. Faa: "No, I mean, do you know a good carpet cleaning company in my area? I broke a glass in the kitchen, and then stepped on a big shard while trying to clean it. So there's blood everywhere from when I walked to my bathroom to get a band-aid. It's a mess."

Annie: "Well, I don't know who's in your part of town, but let me look some up."

Mrs. Faa: "I bled A LOT. I mean, literally, all the blood has been drained out of my body. I have no blood left in me at all. It's all on the carpet."

Annie: "Do you need to go to ER?"

Mrs. Faa: "Why? Will someone there help me clean it up?"


jimbo26 said...

Well , Ms Faa IS talking - so there`s that .

FrankC said...

Should speak to the desk sergeant at local cop shop and ask who they recommend for cleaning up messy murder scenes. They're likely not in the Yellow Pages.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that it was only you that bled all over the carpet ... your voice actually sounds pretty robust for someone who has not a drop left.

William said...

Reminds me of a woman I had a conversation with who used to have a business of crime scene clean up.

Now **that** was blood.

As for Annie - she should write a book!

Maybe Annie should have recommended Ms Faa watch the Jean Reno movie The Professional for a lesson in clean up.

John Woolman said...

How much of the wine was in her and how much was on the carpet along with the blood? Oh, and doggy poo spray with a protease in will work quite well on blood, if you don’t mind holes in your wool carpet.

Mad Jack said...

The longer I read this blog, the more convinced I am that I'd actually pay to work in Dr. Grumpy's office.

clairesmum said...

well, not quite ALL of the blood drained out......but clearly the top of her brain is poorly perfused....or perhaps pickled.

Bonnie said...

This sort of thing is why I (usually) keep band-aids in the kitchen. I'm more apt to get cut there than in the bathroom. But I've never yet lost all my blood, no matter how much I bleed. Tho a few weeks ago I stubbed my toe leaving the bathroom. Got to my room before I realized how much it was bleeding & went to the kitchen for a band-aid. Couldn't find them (they'd been moved) so went back to my room, woke husband & asked him to find a band-aid, then clean up my trail of blood. That was an interesting night.

Anonymous said...

�� Faaa a long, long way to go... which brings us back to Doh �� ��

Anonymous said...

so, I got the Tau and the alzheimer reference
but not sure what Faa has to do with blood. Too obscure for me.

Shash said...

Go to the ER, it's worth a try. They get every other kind of request in there.

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