Thursday, May 2, 2019


Garlic, like a lot of old dogs, is covered with random lumps, bumps, and warts.

This past weekend Craig was having a party (actually, Craig seems to have a party every weekend, but that's another post).

As usual, Garlic and Onion were making the rounds, hoping to snag a pretzel or fallen cocktail weenie. At one point one of Craig's entourage groupies harem friends began petting Garlic, so he hopped up on the couch next to her to keep the attention coming.

A few minutes later she noticed me wandering out of my office to get a Diet Coke and came over to ask...

"Hi, uh, Mr. Craig's dad. How come your dog has nipples growing out of his back?"


Manda said...

As a vet, I can tell you this is not a rare question! But the best is when the owner has been trying to pull ticks off the dog and has actually just been trying to wrench his poor nipples off. Then they ask, why would he have nipples? He's a boy! So I say, you're a boy, I'm assuming you have nipples?

Shae said...

That is Dr. Craig's dad to you!

Packer said...

Use of drugs in his youth, be warned

Dr.M said...

Yup it is usually the men that wonder why their male dogs have nipples. Dummmbbbb. Also, I'm annoyed there's an ad for 1-800 Pet Meds on this post. Screw you google!

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